Mountain State Soccer Club was formed in 2011 to provide the youth of North Central WV an opportunity to further their development in the sport of soccer. Our qualified coaches have developed training programs to advance each player’s technical and tactical skills.  Depending on the age group our competitive teams will participate in weekly training, friendly matches, league matches, and/or tournaments.  Our coaches will evaluate the players and work with the team managers to develop a competitive schedule appropriate for the skill level and abilities of our respective teams.  Players must be registered with Mountain State Soccer Club in order to participate in our Club activities.

Mission Statement

The mission of Mountain State Soccer Club is to create a soccer environment that enables athletes to become total soccer players. The technical and tactical aspects of soccer are taught in an enthusiastic and challenging atmosphere, while enhancing the physical and mental capabilities of the player.

Our philosophy is based on the belief that each player should be afforded the opportunity to compete at the highest level that their ability will allow. We believe in both player development and character development. Winning does not come at the cost of sacrificing an individual’s or team’s ability to grasp the bigger picture or bigger concepts. Winning is simply the result that hard work, commitment, and professionalism produce.

Consider these facts…

1. EXPERIENCE | Many of the Mountain State Soccer Club Staff members have been in and around the game as a player or coach in various parts of the world for 30+ years. The inclusion of USSF and NSCAA licensed coaches on our staff allows us to utilize the latest approaches in teaching advanced skills and player development.

2. CURRICULUM | The Pride developmental curriculum in line with the best practices of US Soccer from age 8 to age 18.

3. DEVELOPMENT | Once the Youth of North Central West Virginia have been introduced to the sport of soccer and advanced through the younger age groups of Recreational Soccer, Mountain State Soccer Club provides the opportunity to participate in Competitive Soccer with a focus on both individual and team development. Our High School age groups will look to compete in College Showcase level events.

4. CHAMPIONSHIPS | Each season our Coaches evaluate their teams and work with our Team Managers to identify appropriate challenges for our individual teams.  Our teams have won Championships in five different States.

5. FACILITIES | Mountain State Soccer Club trains at our Rosemont, WV facilities along with our partnership with the Bridgeport, WV Parks and Recreation locations.