Q:        What should I consider when playing for a team?

A:        The most important consideration is where you will get the training you need to develop. Ultimately this is about improving player skills whether you play in high school, club, ODP, college, or a US National team.


Q:        What is a Primary Player?

A:        Under the rules of US Youth Soccer and the West Virginia Soccer Association (WVSA), a player is assigned “Primary” status to the first team that a player has agreed to play for during the upcoming year. By this designation, this is the only team that a player may play for in the National Cup series tournament. Only primary players are allowed to play in this tournament. A player’s primary team takes priority over all others.


Q:        Can a player play for more than one team?

A:        In the WVSA, a player is NOT allowed to play for more than one travel team. However, they may guest play with other teams pending approval from the coaches of each team.  Players may also play in the club’s recreational program and will be designated as “secondary.”  If this occurs, players must play for their primary team unless directly approved by the primary team coach.


Q:        What happens if I don’t get approval from my Primary team and participate with another team?

A:        If no approval was given, disciplinary actions may be taken by both the Club and the WVSA. In the worst case situation, a team and club may be considered in violation of recruiting as defined in WVSA Administrative Rule Book, Chapter 3, Section 3.10 and actions may be taken that may include a player’s inability to participate in the remainder of the playing season, and additional actions against the Club found in violation and the related team- specific officials.


Q:        What does a player/parent need to do to register with the Mountain State Soccer Club?

A:        At the Mountain State Soccer Club website, go to http://mountainstatesoccerclub.com/player-registration.” By clicking on this item you will be taken to links the will be designated for new players, or new season registration.   To go directly to the registration website go to http://mountainstatesoccerclub.com/new-member-registration/.  Start the process by entering the player’s legal first name and last name as it appears on the proof of birth or passport. A copy of this document used as proof must be provided to one of the Club’s Registrars through the Team’s Manager.


Q:        What if I have trouble registering online?

A:        Either contact the Mountain State Registrar or review the registration guidance provided on the club’s website.


Q:        What happens after I register?

A:        Upon completion of providing all fees, proof of age, and medical release forms, the Club Registrar will assign you to the proper team. You will be asked to provide a 2.5 inch by 2.5 inch digital photo to be used for placement on the player pass card.  This photo may be taken by the team manager in order to ensure quality and timeliness in completing the passcards This card will be kept by the team manager in a team book (each player will have all player information kept in this book) to be used for registering for tournaments or presented prior to each game.


Q:        What happens now that I am on a team?

A:        Outside of training and playing matches with your team, there are a few things that you can’t do. Once your primary status is determined, unless you have permission from the primary team’s coach, you may not play or talk to another team. If done so without permission, recruiting violations (WVSA Administrative Rule Book, Chapter 3, Section 3.10) may be levied. Please respect this and help keep your club and others out of trouble.


Q:        Can I talk to another team about transferring/training/playing?

A:        A player/parent must be very careful about discussing playing or training with another team once they have committed to a Primary Team.  Recruiting violations per WVSA Administrative Rule Book, Chapter 3, Section 3.10 may be considered and penalties may be assessed.


Q: How do I get a uniform? 

A:  Each player will order their uniform directly from our supplier  by clicking on “Uniform” under the “New Player Information” tab on our website.


Q: Can I sign up to attend training without committing to a team?

A:  Yes, we provide a Training Only membership.


Q: What are the fees to participate?

A:  There is an Annual Club Membership fee of $75.  In addition there are separate fees for the Fall Season, Winter Training, and Spring Season along with league and tournament participation fees.  The actual cost will depend on what age group your child is registered and what leagues and tournaments that group chooses to participate.


Q:  How often will my team practice or play?

A: On average our teams will practice or play at least 3 times per week including weekends.